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Rungtip Malasithiwong

Managing Director

Protanica Co., Ltd.



Rungtip is Managing Director of Protanica Co., Ltd; a manufacturer and exporter of cricket powder – the sustainable protein source to feed the next generation. Prior to lead Protanica Company, she worked in Food lab operation and Agricultural business field that aimed her to well understand what the true meaning of from ‘farm to fork’ is and of course outline her commitment to grow business which is not only what we can get but also what we can give to our people and our planet. 


Rungtip, she believes in power of questions and it would not be only one answer for the same question. At Protanica, she encourages her team to dig down into the ground and find out the sustainable solutions in cricket products. Cricket, a tiny thing in the world which is similarly to zero number. But once we added this zero number after any numbers, their values will be changed from 1 to 10 and from 10 to 100. This is how cricket is food to change the world.

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