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Surachit (Art) Chanovan





Phone: +66 (0) 84 077 0707, +66 (0) 85 071 7070

LINE address: SuccessCanada



SUCCESS Education Office

• A centre for Thai students/parents/local schools’ counselors in obtaining advice and counseling about Canadian education and to continue representing Canadian education office with full integrity.

• A source of knowledge for Thai education agents with consultation, certification, training and agents’ seminars to raise awareness of Canadian education to their staffs.

• Organize Canadian Education Fairs/Forums and working in alliance with offices in Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia.

• Representative of Canadian institutions in Thailand in order to promote awareness of their institutions to local schools, colleges and universities, general public and education agents alike through seminars, exhibitions and presentations etc..

• Assist Canadian institutions in all areas when recruiting students in Thailand including school visits, agent visits, accommodation and transportation needs etc.

• A one stop service for Thai public in consulting about studying in Canada in all aspects and help organize their travel plans.

• A leader in bringing Thai students to Canada for educational tours

• Outreach, presentations and showcasing events, exhibitions about Canadian education and its institutions in BKK and upcountry at local institutions comprise of international schools, local schools, colleges, universities and the general public.

• The one and only popular local website in Thai for public about Canadian education with links to all supporting Canadian institutions’ websites.

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