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Free Crisis Management Communication Course to Prepare your Business for the Unpredictable launches a Udemy online course to support startups, MSMEs, and business owners to learn how to plan, and respond in the event of a crisis. is giving away 50 free classes.

A crisis is unpredictable and can strike any business anywhere at any time. Daily headlines are filled with many companies dealing with a situation that has the potential to negatively affect the businesses and damage the brand reputation.

There are myriad types of business crises. They range from technological to personnel crises or a global pandemic like COVID-19. It can be stressful financially and emotionally. Thus a business needs a prepared crisis communication plan to handle various situations.

A crisis communication plan is how you handle the business and the process of communications during an unpredictable situation. Most companies make the biggest mistake by dismissing that it could happen to their organization. When a crisis occurs, companies that do not have a contingency plan tend to spiral out of control. Furthermore, tension can exacerbate among employees, customers, and stakeholders, making them lose trust in the company and the senior management team.

An effective crisis communication plan will help mitigate the negative impacts of a crisis. It also reduces time spent considering the right actions and crafting communication messages to address those impacted by the situation. To get started, compiled worksheets and case studies. They include high-profile brands such as KFC, BP, and United Airlines.

The online course “Crisis Communication Management” by includes a checklist to aid businesses in preparation, action, and recovery. The program suits startups, micro-small-medium enterprises (MSMEs), and business owners. Learn how to plan, respond and create a good communication plan to minimize the impacts of a crisis and help your business to recover quickly. is providing 50 free classes as it launches on the Udemy platform.


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