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Second Speaker for [WEBINAR] Labour Trends: Why you should be recruiting right now by Criterion Asia

Derek van Pelt

Interim Managing Director Criterion Asia Recruitment

Partner, Stonelotus Ventures

President, CanCham Thailand

Derek van Pelt is a Canadian entrepreneur living in Bangkok with business interests in Asia Pacific. Since 2017, Derek is Business Development Managerof Lighthouse Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd. - Derek’s key areas of expertise areincluded marketing, entrepreneurship, international business management, CRM, advertising and management insight.

Prior to Lighthouse, Derek was founder and MD of Siam Wheels – a leading motorcycle membership company headquartered in Thailand which is represented as a club for people that love riding motorcycles. It offers the benefits of bike ownership by simplifying the process for their member.

He is currently an Interim Managing Director at Criterion Asia Recruitment which was founded in 2013 and ever since the company has rapidly risen to become one of the leading human resources services firms in Thailand.

The Criterion Asia is based in Bangkok and specialize in recruitment and executive search services. They also undertake search and placement activities in Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos. We focus our recruitment activities along six functional verticals and 1 industry which include:

  • Information Technology & Digital Innovation

  • Finance & Accounting

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Human Resources

  • Industrial & Engineering

  • Supply Chain & Logistics

  • Agriculture/ Aquaculture/ Animal Health/ Animal Feed

Mr. van Pelt joined the CanCham Thailand Board of Directors in 2010 and currently serves as its President. He has an established commitment to the development of Thailand, with a particular focus on Thailand-Canada relations.


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