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[WEBINAR] Labour Trends: Why you should be hiring right now

✨ The [WEBINAR] Labour Trends: Why you should be recruiting right now by CanCham Thailand in partnership with Criterion Asia Recruitment was hosted on Wednesday, November 17, 2021, via Zoom. It was an insightful session to learn more about the upcoming labour trends from our speakers, followed by an interactive panel discussion. Speakers: - Patrick Bensen, Organizational Psychologist & Organizational Change Consultant, Author, Keynote Speaker, Consultant and Director at Leaders of Tomorrow Institute - Derek van Pelt, Interim Managing Director at Criterion Asia Recruitment, President of CanCham Thailand and Partner at Stonelotus Ventures 📍If you would like to contact Criterion Asia, please visit To rewatch the session or share it with your connections, please feel free to do so by clicking the link below. 👉🏻 Webinar Recording Thank you everyone for your participation and please stay tuned for more events like this!


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