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Chew Green 

Nature is naturally delicious and we want to keep it that way! Our chews are made from fresh & seasonal fruits in ways that retain their natural optimum tastes and textures without any unnecessary added so you can enjoy the real tastes of nature!

We work with local growers and producers to process the raw materials in ways that preserve their genuine taste and benefits so each bite you take is real and natural. We want to make sure that we support and contribute to small-scale growers and producers who put their passion and dedication to nurturing the best quality produces and to creating delicious & healthy products.


Thanyathorn (Pear) Chatlaong 



Address:  44/47 Soi Wadbuakwan, Ngamwongwan Rd

City: Nontaburi

Postal Code: 11000

Country: Thailand

Phone Number: +66 81 647 0836



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