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Plethora IT Co., Ltd. 

Plethora IT is a full-service digital agency, serving clients and working with partners in the USA, Canada, Singapore, Thailand, and India. They exist for the sole purpose of helping you master your brand’s digital presence. Instead of being service vendors, we’re active stakeholders in your online strategy & execution.



At Plethora IT, we offer 4 services including Digital Marketing service, Digital Content service, Web Development service and Digital Transformation.

  1. Digital Marketing; Leveraging digital tools to help your business own the complete business development funnel across digital devices, channels, and platforms.

  2. Digital Content; Brand-aligned copywriting, graphic designing, and video production to help ensure that your digital communications resonate with your audience.

  3. Web Development; Creating websites, e-commerce stores, and web applications that enable your clients to intuitively get what they need from your business.

  4. Digital Transformation; Preparing your business for an increasingly digital future. With our partner ecosystem, we help you plan and execute digital transformation strategies.



Vidushi Singh 


Address: 704, Tower 5, SV City Condo, Rama-3 Road, Yan Nawa
City: Bangkok
Postal Code: 10120
Country: Thailand
Phone Number: +66 63 664 3886
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