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Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) is an association of the best independent schools in Canada, all of which meet the highest international standards of educational excellence. CAIS is a national organization for independent schools and is recognized internationally as the standard of excellence in education and whole school improvement. CAIS represents the best boarding schools in Canada and has a worldwide reputation for providing students with the essential skills required to be successful in today’s shifting global economy.

There are 29 CAIS Boarding Schools located in 7 different provinces across the country. Canadian Accredited Independent Boarding Schools offer fun, dynamic and safe environments where students can grow, learn and thrive. Students develop life-long relationships with friends from all over the world while being given the confidence to figure out who they are and where they want to go. At CAIS Boarding Schools, class sizes and teacher to student ratios are small, to ensure an optimal learning environment. Many schools offer learning support and ESL programs for students whose first language is not English. CAIS Boarding Schools are committed to experiential learning. With exceptional, state of the art facilities, each student is provided with the opportunity to participate in a large variety of activities beyond the traditional classroom setting. In addition to world-class academics, co-curriculars and facilities, schools offer robust community service programs through which students contribute to their surrounding communities or through service trips worldwide. All CAIS Boarding Schools provide students with an elementary and secondary school education that is recognized for its superior quality by the best colleges and universities around the globe.


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International Marketing & Recruitment, CAIS Boarding School

Alyson Robertson


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Country: Canada


Phone Number:  +1 (905) 684 5658

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