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Privacy Policy

Thai-Canadian Chamber of Commerce, (referred to as “CanCham”, “we” or “our” or “us”), an organization engages in various type of networking activities including forum, events, and activities to promote the exchange of ideas, information and opportunities for our members with an interest in commercial relations between Thailand and Canada (referred to as “Activities”), is always committed to conduct its Activities under good corporate governances, including recognizing the importance of data security and privacy where we intend to process your personal data with transparency. 


The purpose of this privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) is to maintain your trust and ensure that CanCham will properly manage and process your personal data including maintain the security measure as specified by the laws and meet the international standard. 

1. Collection of Personal Data

CanCham may, directly or indirectly, collect your personal data from the following sources:

  • Information provided to us directly via the use of our website, the registration of member account, conversation via chat box on our website, or by participating in any of our Activities;

  • Personal data we received from our members;

  • Social media and/or other public relation media that you use to access and/or register account on our website;

  • Personal data from third-party, such as our business partners; and

  • Any public sources such as government data, and other professional institution

2. Types of Personal Data Collected

Depending on purposes of use and requirement of the officers in processing personal data, CanCham may collect various types of your personal data including:


General Personal Data

  • Identification information such as name, username, password, date of birth, identification number, telephone number, address, copy of identification card, copy of passport, photo, voice, and video;

  • Personal characteristics such as age, and sex;

  • Financial information such as credit and debit card, bank account, membership/sponsorship subscription information including price, payment method, and other payment details;

  • Website usage history such as data automatically collected via website including website usage behavior, log-file, your interests, devices information and your IP address, setting information, website adjustment, date or location that you use the website; and

  • Other information such as your business status, place of works, position, events and/or activities that you participated and etc.

Sensitive Personal Data

With regard to the processing of sensitive data, CanCham will obtain consent from the data subject before or at the time of data processing, unless the processing of such sensitive data falls under the exceptions that the Personal Data Protection law prescribed.


In any event, CanCham requests you to redact your sensitive personal data such as religion, blood type and race, in the copy of your identification card, passport, or other identification documents by yourself at the time you provide us with those documents. In case you have not redacted those sensitive data, we reserve the right to proceed with the redaction as these sensitive data is not necessary in carrying-out the activities of CanCham.

3. Retention Period

CanCham will retain your personal data as long as it is necessary for the purpose of data processing. After that, CanCham will erase and destroy your personal data except as may be required, by applicable laws, or for protection of CanCham’s interest.  For example, if personal information is given to register for an event, the personal information will only be used for this event and will then be deleted or destroyed. In some cases, however, legal reporting or retention requirements necessitate that CanCham retains information for a specific amount of time. In general, CanCham retains personal information for a period of [one] fiscal year.


Upon the completion of the above mentioned period, CanCham will follow the erasure and deletion procedure to ensure that all your personal data is safely deleted from the server of CanCham or is retained in the form of anonymous data.

4. Purposes of Use and Disclosure

CanCham will process your personal data to: (i) perform contractual obligations as a party to the contract, (ii) comply with legal obligations, (iii) for the legitimate interest, (iv) for vital interest, or (v) for the preparation of the historical documents or the archives for public interest, or for the purpose relating to research or statistics. CanCham will use and disclose Personal Data for the above mentioned purposes and scope, including the following purposes:

4.1 Membership Registration

  • Registration for using our website, creation of membership account, including membership registration, and verification record;

  • Process payment in relation to our membership fees;

  • Ensure that the content on our website will be provided to you and shown on your electrical devices efficiently; and

  • Communication, expressing opinion, making queries, feedback, and communicate with you.

4.2 Enhance Member Business Development 

  • Build a diverse business community by making connections through business referrals, and targeted initiatives;

  • Organize any networking forum, events, and activities;

  • Promote member organizations through a comprehensive marketing strategy; and

  • Negotiate exclusive access and benefits for our members.

4.3 Develop Long Term Thai-Canadian Business Relationships

  • Provide education and information on Canada and Thailand's business environment through publications, online resources and conferences;

  • Increase involvement of Canadian youth in Thailand by creating partnerships with educational institutions in Canada; and

  • Develop targeted initiatives that align with Canadian values including but not limited to:

    • women in business, sustainability,

    • emerging technologies and innovation.

4.4 Liaise Between our Business Community and Government Officials

  • Advocate member interest to government agencies by leveraging the collective strength of CanCham;

  • Provide a direct link between members and government officials and/or agencies; and

  • Inform members of relevant shifts in the business environment by maintaining strong relationships with Thai and Canadian government bureaus.

4.5 Events & Marketing Purpose

In the case where applicable law permits and/or CanCham obtained your consent to process data, CanCham may collect, use, and disclose your personal data including but not limited to the following marketing purposes:


  • Offer information and newsletter in relation to our Activities via website or email. In case where you no longer wish to be contacted for marketing activities, you could opt-out through our designated channels;

  • Set pattern and improving our general marketing activities; and

  • Use all information of website’s visitors and users to generate usage pattern or interest of the website’s visitors and users

4.6 Other Purpose 

  • Fulfill our contractual obligations whether directly or indirectly;

  • Legitimate interests in relation to the carrying out of business of CanCham, by concerning the fundamental rights of the data subject;

  • Support the stability and security of CanCham;

  • Assessment and management of your requests;

  • Prevention and investigation of forgery;

  • Inspection, analysis and preparation of documents upon request of governmental organizations and regulatory bodies; and

  • Compliance with applicable laws.

5. Personal data of Minors

We will process the personal data of minors only where it is permitted by data protection law. In case the consent is required for certain processing activities, we will arrange to obtain the consent from parent. This does not apply in a case of obtaining consent for processing of personal data of minor over 10 years old which is strictly personal, suitable to his condition in life and actually required for reasonable needs which such minor can provide consent to us directly.


In addition, we cannot, however, should any minor access to our Activities and provide to us any personal data without obtaining consent from parent, we request that the parent of such minor contact us via channels provided in this Privacy Policy, to provide consent to us or to help us remove his/her personal data from our Activities.

6. Disclosure

We will not disclose your personal data without any legal basis. In the case we required to transfer your personal data to other third parties, we will proceed according to an appropriate procedure in order to ensure that other third parties will protect and prevent your personal data from any lost, unauthorized access, usage, modification or disclosure. Your data may be disclosed to other third parties including:


  • Our members;

  • Other third-party service providers such as cloud service provider or publisher;

  • Other interested persons via publishing our activities on our website, magazine, newsletter and other channels;

  • Governmental and regulatory bodies;

  • Auditors, legal advisors, and other advisors; and

7. Cross-Border Transfer

We will disclose your personal data to the recipient outside of Thailand only where it is permitted by data protection law or other applicable laws. In this regard, we may follow the rule for the transfer of data to outside Thailand by entering the standard agreement or use other available tools under the applicable laws and may use the data transfer agreement or other permitted tools for the transfer of personal data to other country. 

8. Data Security Measure

CanCham respects the privacy of its members, partners, web site visitors and internet users and will protect that privacy as diligently as possible. Personal information is stored in electronic and physical files that are secure. Security measures include secure locks on filing cabinets, and using industry standard techniques such as firewalls, encryption, password protection, and restricted access to computers. Unfortunately, no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. As a result, while CanCham strives to protect personal information, it cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information transmitted to it or received from it electronically. This is especially true for information transmitted via e-mail. CanCham has no way of protecting that information until it reaches us. Once a transmission is received, CanCham makes its best efforts to ensure its security on its servers. Internally, access to personal information is restricted to employees who need access to the information in order to do their jobs. These employees are limited in number, and are trained and knowledgeable about and committed to our privacy policies.

9. Right of Data Subject

In accordance with the data protection law, you, as a data subject has the following rights (which may be amended pursuant to any regulations of the data protection law) which are exercisable in compliance with applicable laws: 

  • To access personal data;

  • To rectify personal data;

  • To erasure or destroying of personal data;

  • To restrict the use of personal data;

  • To object the collection, use and disclosure of personal data;

  • To data portability; and

  • To withdraw the consent.


In case that we cannot comply with your request to exercise the right of data subject, or that we fail to comply with the data protection law, you may make a complaint to the regulator, including the Personal Data Protection Committee, Ministry of Digital Economy and Society.


In case where you have given the consent for the processing of personal data to CanCham (where the consent is not required by other applicable laws), you shall have the right to withdraw the consent at any time. Should a withdrawal of any consent affect any transactions or provision of services, you will be informed at the time of withdrawal request.

10. Contact Person

If you have any queries, suggestions, or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy or if you have any queries or questions regarding our use of personal data, you may contact us at:  


Thai-Canadian Chamber of Commerce 

Address:                   9th floor, Sethiwan Tower, 139 Pan Road, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand 


Phone number:      +66 2 266 6085


  • When making any complaint or claim, please provide your contact details as to enable CanCham to revert as soon as possible.

  • We do not charge any administrative fee relating to your personal data. However, a fee in processing certain requests (other than the request for rectification) under the data protection law may apply. 

11. Amendment to Privacy Policy

In case there is a material change on the practice relating to personal data protection, CanCham will amend and revise this Privacy Policy and disclose on our website to ensure that you have acknowledged the method that CanCham collect, use, handle, disclose, and protect the data.

This Privacy Policy is effective from June 1, 2022

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