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Azeem M. Azimuddin




Azeem is a mission-driven business leader with 30+ years of diversified international experience in Banking and Private Equity, holding a spectrum of positions including Board, CEO, CFO, and General Management. For over 20 years, Azeem forged a career with some of the world’s largest banks, Citibank, HSBC, and Société Générale among them, where he worked in both General Management and Senior Corporate and Investment Banking roles. In these functions, he also had Credit Risk and Markets Risk Approver Authority. Azeem has created over $2 billion Enterprise Value within financial services / manufacturing industries and raised and deployed over $400 million from venture capital, private equity, and financial institutions.

 A recognized strategist and innovative business leader, Azeem has restructured and transformed banks as well as family-owned conglomerates, in several Emerging and Frontier Markets; developed multidisciplinary teams; integrated technology enablement and data analytics; built enduring partnerships and JVs; and, successfully guided businesses through start-up, growth, transformation/consolidation, and exit.


Azeem is engaged in improving the communities in which he has worked and guides several non-profit institutions to connect globally but act locally. He is often consulted by policy makers, regulators, and business leaders in the areas of Financial Sector Reform, Reserves Management, Financial Re-engineering, and Training & Development. Azeem holds a B.Sc. from Karachi University and a M.B.A. from the Institute of Business Administration. He is fluent in, English, French, Hindi, and Urdu; and, conversant in Arabic Persian, and Spanish.

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