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Salus Bioceutical (Thailand) Co., Ltd emphasizes vertical operations with cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, analytical testing and marketing of cannabis and hemp products. With control of the supply chain, our products are consistently high quality and can be used for food ingredients (food grade), herbal products and medical products (pharmaceutical grade).


We designed and built a 4-acre vertical facility located in Chiang Mai which complies with GMP/PICs standards and will have full operational capability in November of 2021. Additionally, we also have a high-standard onsite analytical laboratory with cutting-edge analytical instruments to allow full panel test results to be achieved. We have also joined with nationally renowned the RMUTI campus to assist us on items ranging from: cannabis genetics and strain selection to; formulation of cannabis-derived medical products to; research and development initiatives.


We intend to be a one-stop service for the cannabis and hemp business in Thailand and South-East Asia.

Manufacturing and Services

With the implementation of world-class medical GMP/PICs and cutting-edge technological equipments, Salus Bioceutical facilities are able to generate various forms of cannabis and hemp extractions. Dried cannabis and hemp flowers can be extracted into CBD distillate, CBD oil, CBD isolate, and CBD water soluble. And each form of extraction can be used for formulating countless cannabis related products. We provide flexibility to our clients to employ our full services in terms of producing various forms of CBD extracts under Salus Bioceutical formulations and advise what will suit best to their products. Moreover, we have granted our clients to have external biomass manufacture under our GMP/PICs grade facilities.


CEO_Tanadee  - Sukanya Taphun.png

Chief Operating Officer

Tanadee Pantukom

MR. WITTAWIN - Sukanya Taphun.jpg

Founder and Director

Wittawin Vidthayanon


Address: 87 M. Thai Tower (All Seasons Place), Unit 1 on the 22nd Floor, Wireless Road, Phatumwan

City:  Bangkok

Postal Code: 10330

Country: Thailand


Phone Number:  +6652-135073

General Email:


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