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Drink Wise Co. Ltd.

Drink Wise Co. Ltd., a company importing beverages from abroad. We aim at offering excellent quality beverages, making the difference in Thailand beverage consumer market, and also providing variety of choices to consumers. Drink Wise Co. Ltd. focuses on importing craft alcoholic beverages from Japan such as craft beer, sake, umeshu and yuzu wine, with an emphasis on quality as a major factor. Drink Wise Co. Ltd. was established in 23rd August 2012 and started importing craft beer from Japan. Our company is passionate in the gracefulness of Japanese manufacturers on quality and cleanliness which is their identity. We also realized the market growth potential of imported premium craft beer in Southeast Asia, especially Thailand. We have been persistently seeking for the best craft beer with fine taste and superior quality to bring into Thailand, and that's the beginning of Hitachino Nest Beer in Thailand. Based on our past success in providing high quality beverages to consumers, Drink Wise Co. Ltd. continues to import various alcoholic beverages including other types of beverage by sticking to our company's principles in selecting the best quality products, both in the terms of production and taste. Drink Wise Co. Ltd. shall keep seeking after the best beverages around the world, trying our best to meet the consumers' demand and satisfaction.



Drink Wise Co. Ltd. offers variety of premium beverages from many countries, Canada : Craft Beers from variety breweries : Postmark, Phillips, Off The Rail, Parallel49, Coal Harbour. Ciders and whiskey. Japan: Hitachino Nest Beer, Ginga Kogen Beer, Kikusakari Sake, Kiuchi Plum Wine, Kiuchi Yuzu Wine etc. The Netherlands: Bong Spirit Vodka, Hanami Cherry Blossom Gin, Chocolais Premium Chocolate Wine etc. Ireland: Cocalero Coca Leaf Spirit etc.



Wikawee Chawawiwattanachai

Executive Vice President


Runganan Chawawiwattanachai



Address: 344 Soi Ladprao 94, Plubpla, Wangthonglang

City:  Bangkok

Postal Code: 10310

Country: Thailand


Phone Number: +66 (0) 2936 6631

General Email:

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