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EM Fluids

EM Fluids Inc. is an Ottawa-based environmental engineering, cleantech company that works with governments, municipalities, industries, academic , institutions, First Nations, North American distributors and many other clients to put in place innovative solutions for pressing environmental concerns.


There is an imperative and widespread need for new, economical technologies to improve water quality in water bodies that currently experience oxygen depletion. EM Fluids has developed and implemented an innovative technology, the EMF 1000, that represents a paradigm shift in this market. The EMF 1000 is a self-contained, solar-powered, cleantech solution that uses proprietary non-irradiating signals to stimulate the water.


The impact is broadly distributed across large waterbodies. The device increases the gas exchange rate at the air-water boundary and in turn increases dissolved oxygen (DO) in the water column. This promotes aerobic conditions and concurrently suppresses anaerobic conditions. This results in a healthier waterbody for biological processes and for aquatic organisms and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.


EMF 1000 is approved by the Ontario Ministry of Environment Conservation and Parks (MECP)



IEM - Authorized Representative

Ron D. Livingston


Address: 801 Woodward Dr, Ottawa, Ontario

Postal Code: K2C 0R3

Country: Canada


Phone Number: +1 613-225-4500 

General Email:


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