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  Jean-Marc Dallaire

CEO & Founder



Jean-Marc is an executive-level management professional with over 40 years of experience in the retail, finance, marketing, business development, banking, and payment solutions sectors. Over his career, he has successfully helped companies to optimize growth and profitability by implementing innovative strategies that reshape how they deliver products and services to core markets. He is also a confident leader able to drive vision and purpose, a transformational change agent, a creative thinker who promotes organizational reengineering and participative management. During the past 6 years, Jean-Marc has successfully shifted from an “Intrapreneur” in the corporate world to an “Entrepreneur,” leveraging his experience and extensive global networks he has founded NEXUMGlobal, and he is actively engaged in his business development practice with clients in Canada, Thailand, India, and Singapore offering services ranging from business expansion in Southeast Asia to sourcing investments for his clients’ expansion strategies.

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