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Priyanka  Turilay

Supply Chain & Logistics Sales, BD and Projects



I'm Priyanka, a Supply Chain & Logistics Professional with 9+ years of experience in high-growth Global Fortune 500 companies. My career began with Canada Goose where I had an exhilarating opportunity to witness

the company going public. From there, I delved into diverse FMCG industries, gaining valuable insights from various perspectives. At DHL, I worked with key accounts including Suntory-Pepsi, Lays, Suntory-Brands, Tetrapak, AJE, and Ichitan. Currently, I'm focused on sales, business development, and supply chain consulting projects, constantly expanding my expertise. I'm a social connector who loves networking, meeting new people, and hearing their stories. Having grown up in Thailand, it holds a special place in my heart. Let's connect and explore exciting opportunities.

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