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Kitiya Vongkamjan, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO



Dr. Kitiya Vongkamjan, a founder and CEO of UniFAHS has a background in Food Science & Technology / Food Safety. Dr. Kitiya is a leader in bacteriophage technology and applications. Her recent innovation involves the development of a new form of encapsulated phage targeting a major foodborne pathogen. This innovation received a silver medal from the 46th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva 2018. Dr. Kitiya has passion towards employing innovative research to help solve food safety and food sustainability issue leading to an establishment of her startup under the support of the UK-based entrepreneurship training and networking programme and Thailand Science Park. In collaboration with international and national institutions, government and private sectors, her research aims to promote food safety and food sustainability in the food production chain using the phage technology which is the major priority of UniFAHS, Unique Phage-based Solution for Food, Animal and Human Safety.

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