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BNH Hospital - MRI Night Time

Spinal MRI Scan from 08.00 P.M – 00.00 A.M with Special Price at 8,500 THB (normal price 15,000 THB)

· C Spine (neck part)

· T Spine (lumbar)

· T-L Spine (chest-back)

· L-S Spine (back - waist)


· Purchase in advance is required for package

· Price for one (01) part only, including medical fees and hospital service fees

· Appointment at least 1-day in advance is required

· Service duration 30-60 minutes

· First appointment starts at 08.00 P.M and last appointment starts 11.00 P.M

From now – 31 Dec 2023

👉🏻 To purchase package, please click

👩🏻‍ To consult with our specialist before the scan, please click

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Should you have any further concerns or inquiries, please call us at 02-022-0700 Ext. 1813


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