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Bumrungrad Brain Health Workup : BUY 1 GET 2 !

Special Offer! BUY 1 GET 2 When purchasing a stroke preventive program get free memory screening

Brain Health Workup is a combination of memory and stroke preventive program.

This program is suitable for patients who have anxiety of forgetfulness, disorientation, or history of memory problems in their families. Also, the patients who have heart disease, hypertension, high cholesterol level, diabetes, frequent smoking or history of stroke in their families. Package: 25,000 THB ( Regular Price 47,000 THB), Valid until 31 Dec 2021

Click the button below for more information on available packages

Neuroscience Center Bumrungrad International Clinic (BIC) Building, 19th Service Hours Monday through Sunday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Call: 061 408 7826


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