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Canadians in Phuket, eh!

Being from Canada, we all have similar cultural values, whether it be sports, music, a similar ethnic background or just a love of the diverse geography of Canada. I arrived in Phuket some 12 years and the British, American and Australia community welcomed attendees to their events but where were the Canadians? I know they were here as some of the first people I met were from our snowy wonderland. Yet as years pasted and events came and went there was no one single gathering of us Canucks?

The Facebook group “Canadians in Phuket” brought some of us together online but still no real cohesion occurred. The group acted more as a source of information, whether humorous, informative or educational. In 2015, under the guidance of a young and not so traditional official, the embassy arrived in Phuket for a Canadian Embassy meet and greet. The Canadians appeared! But as the event drew to a close, so did the Canadians and what looked like a promise of more gathering of Canucks slowly vanished like the snow in spring.

Several years passed and alas CanCham Thailand brought hope that a chapter might just be coming to Phuket. With a successful launch party and full roster of attendees the wheels of motion were again set forward. But like a novice on a snowmobile the track dug in and began to spin leaving the ski doo motionless in the snow.

Spring is upon is again! With a pandemic Covid winter hopefully losing its cold grip on the world and people slowly emerging from there isolated winter cabins, time has never been more opportune for us Canadians to once again come together. This time around it will be different. With the encouragement and support from both CanCham Thailand the Canadian Embassy, “Canadians in Phuket” will finally have an opportunity to gather together. However, this chapter will be a little different.

Of course, networking/speaking events will be our focus and other nationalities are more than welcome to attend these events. Our goals include highlighting and supporting fellow Canadian businesses on the island and providing a welcome mat to the Canadian embassy so it help Canadians aboard voice their views and concerns and enable the embassy to reach out to us directly. When called upon, we also hope to provide assistance and charity to those less fortunate in our host country.

And, at the very least, a group of us can get together over a hot cup of coffee and complain how cold 22 degrees Celsius really is!

Here’s to keeping the stick on the ice!

(Robert Kief is the Cancham South Representative, Cell: 095 257 3525; Email:; Facebook: Canadians in Phuket)


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