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Co-Curricular Activities at Brighton College

Co-Curricular Activities at Brighton College Bangkok

Written by Brighton College Bangkok Pupil Magga Fongsmut (Year 13)

Greetings and welcome to Brighton’s College Bangkok Co-Curricular Activities, a colourful and exciting occasion showcasing our external CCAs that go above and beyond the classroom. Particular highlights, like the well-liked Yummy Cookery classes and fascinating visits from sports legends like Kru Paradon, are the core of our Co-Curricular Activities. We highlight the variety of CCAs that are offered this year and the benefits that they add to our pupils' overall educational experiences.

CCAs for Brightonian

At Brighton College Bangkok, Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) are carefully curated to serve as immersive learning opportunities that foster not only academic excellence but also the fundamental soft skills necessary for both personal and professional success. These Co-Curricular Activities provide students with real-world experiences that enhance their development of abilities that are highly sought after by employers and academic institutions.

For example, the Taekwondo CCA is coached by the excellent Dr. Young Seok Choi, Thailand's National Taekwondo Team's Head Coach, along with his highly experienced team of instructors. Pupils under Coach Choi’s instruction are progressing rapidly, developing excellent technique and skills. Many of our pupils have been inspired and motivated to pass assessments for their belts, presented to them at a special ceremony by Coach Choi.

The Model United Nations (MUN) CCA provides an environment that allows our pupils to work on their communication and teamwork skills. Students who participate in debates on global issues not only gain a diverse perspective but also cultivate their capacity to communicate clearly and work effectively with others. These qualities not only improve academic performance but are also very transferable, preparing our pupils for future challenges.

Similarly, our sports CCAs are deliberately designed to promote accountability and leadership. Participating in sports requires dedication and self-control, which greatly aids in the development of qualities that employers highly value, as well as appeal to universities. Every CCA at Brighton College Bangkok, whether it's on the sports pitch or in the classrooms, is carefully selected to act as an exclusive focus for the cultivation of specific soft skills. By doing this, we constitute that our students are not only capable scholars but also well-rounded individuals who can successfully traverse the obstacles of today's society.

CCAs Spotlight

MUN, also known as Model United Nations, is where our pupils are able to hold debates and discuss political issues. Held by Mr Gallop and Mr Hulme weekly, this CCA focuses on teaching students how to have debates on complex issues. From topics like female reproductive rights to conversations about inequality, MUN educates our pupils on political conversations currently happening across the world. Serving as not only a great tool for university applications, MUN also exposes our students to a wider range of perspectives, allowing them to fully express their critical skills in a creative form. Ranging from Year 7 - 13, MUN is a great CCA that allows our students to take an active role in shaping the discourse of tomorrow.

Our Senior Musical Production allows our pupils to display their musical talents. Led by our performing arts team of Mrs Mac, Ms Jones, and Ms Whitehead, our cast this year is tackling a classic musical, “Little Shop of Horrors”. Filled to the brim with great songs and captivating choreography, our pupils are committed to the individual roles assigned to them that will weave the story together, creating an incredible performance to look forward to. With a diverse cast, consisting of a meek flower shop assistant Seymour and his co-worker Audrey, alongside shop keepers Mr and Mrs Mushnik, the manic dentist Orin, and the mysterious, carnivorous plant from outer space, prepare to be blown away by our star-studded cast and their amazing performance.


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