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ED's Message Week 24th

Dear Members,

I hope that you are well.

#Overall CanCham

Under Normal circumstances, we should have our Canada Day last Saturday. However, CanCham is gearing up for this and we have accumulated Clamato Juice for Canada Day, which we hope will be on August 7, 2021. CanCham Southern chapter, led by Robert Kief is planning to organise a Canada Day on July 1st in Phuket, on the same date that Phuket government starts its sandbox project.

#Women in Leadership

Unfortunately, Thailand is currently in the midst of another outbreak of COVID-19, which will make it difficult for us all to meet in person in the coming weeks. CanCham Thailand’s first priority is always to ensure that our members and guests can attend our events safely.

As you may be aware, the Government of Thailand has announced a number of regulations (COVID-19 Regulations) to stop the spread of the virus. Accordingly, we regret to inform you that we are once again forced to postpone the Women in Leadership 2021 Flagship Event, which was initially scheduled to take place on Wednesday, June 23, 2021.

Given these unprecedented circumstances, CanCham Thailand will continue to closely monitor the evolving situation. We have tentatively rescheduled the event for Wednesday, November 17, 2021, and would like to ask you to hold the new date in your calendar. However, this will be subject to the situation in Thailand improving in the interim. Please be on the lookout for further communications from us, as we will confirm the date for this event in the coming weeks/months.

#CanCham Inventory

Good wine for sales! 10% discount if our member purchases more than 12 cans or bottles. This price doesn’t include the delivery fee.

If you have any questions or face any challenges, please feel free to contact us. The CanCham team will do our best to help you and try to find solutions to your problems. Again, my mobile number is on the right bar here, so please feel free to call me anytime.

Stay safe, avoid mass crowds, remember social distancing, and wear masks at all times!

Upcoming Events

  • Aug 7 | Canada Day

  • Nov 17 | Women in Leadership

  • TBA | Crystal Ball Business Luncheon

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