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First Speaker for [WEBINAR] Labour Trends: Why you should be recruiting right now by Criterion Asia

Patrick Bensen

Organizational Psychologist & Organizational Change Consultant

Author, Keynote Speaker, Consultant and Director at Leaders of Tomorrow Institute Patrick has a proven ability to utilize a unique blend of traditional business approaches combined with expert organizational psychology and methodology, leading to highly successful businesses, personal lives, meaningful relationships, and successful elevated careers. Member of the steering committee at American Psychology Association for a Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award

Senior adviser to the board of directors in Organizational Psychology at Hong Kong Association of Psychology Member at Forbes Business Council and Contributor at Forbes Magazine

Member of Mental Health Europe and Expert in Organizational Change at the EU commission

Member of International Association for Counselling, Branch of the United Nations Areas of Expertise

  • Operational Leadership

  • Organizational Change Management

  • Organizational Consultant

  • Counseling Psychology

  • Human Resource Consultant

  • Leader’s Training & Development

  • Clinical Psychology

  • Organizational leadership

  • Workplace ergonomics and structural redesign

  • Psychological health and safety

  • Workplace wellness

  • Burnout prevention

  • Work-Life harmonization.

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