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Free Day Pass for ISB’s New Indoor Golf Center

We are excited to announce the opening of the ISB Golf Center, located just across the road from the ISB campus in Nichada Thani.

Golf has always been an important sport for International School Bangkok (ISB), and the ISB Golf Team has consistently performed well in international tournaments. ISB’s golf program has successfully nurtured talented alumni who have gone on to see great success on the international golfing circuit.

Open to Everyone

Anyone can join as a member of the new Golf Centre at ISB. One of the largest and most well-equipped indoor golf facilities in Thailand, it is a great place to improve your skills. Some of the facilities include:

  • Six fully equipped bays: Each bay has GC Hawk Launch monitors, as well as Swing Catalyst swing software. This allows trainers to track all ball flight data as well as record all golf swings. There is also a Swing Catalyst Force Plate to measure ground forces during golf swings.

  • A large putting green: Including Puttview software and hardware that transforms the putting green into an interactive learning environment.

  • A 200sqm chipping green: Here you’ll find various slopes and breaks to practice and GCQuad Launch Monitors for analysis.

Becoming a Member

In addition to supporting ISB's golf programs, the Golf Center is also open for the general public and offers annual memberships, with special rates for ISB community members of students, parents and alumni.

Free Day Pass

We are pleased to offer all Thai-Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CanCham) members, a free day pass per company, to trial the facilities.

Read more about ISB’s Golf Center here.

Book today click here.

Kind regards,

CanCham Team


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