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Getfresh I Healthy Meal Plan


✔️ Nutritionist Recommended ✔️ No Sugar Added ✔️ No Trans Fats ✔️ No MSG

Easy way to kick-start your healthy journey with getfresh healthy lunch 5 days for only 799THB

Order Now:

LINE @getfreshth

Taking control of your eating habit is the first step to pursuing a healthy lifestyle. With getfresh meal plan, you will always get a fresh and healthy choice for every meal. Also check out our 14 days / 30 days plan, start from only 2,490THB

✅ getfresh Slim Down Meal Plan - offers low-calorie meals that help you to shift those last pesky pounds

✅ getfresh Anti Aging Meal Plan - emphasis on the ingredients high in antioxidants for skin and hair benefits.

✅ getfresh Bulk Up Meal Plan - rich in protein meals that give everything you need to bulk up.

✅ getfresh Low Carb Meal Plan - a low-carb plan that allows you to undergo ketosis and train your body to burn fat effectively.


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