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Health Race | Samitivej Hospitals

If perfection in life, whether for work, money or family, is measured with a score of 100, what score would you give your health? The Health Race program has been designed to help you unlock the secrets to a long and healthy life by challenging yourself in various ways. You can reach your potential and break some long standing personal records by asking yourself, “Could my health be better?”

What is the Health Race program and why is it so important?

The Health Race program is a comprehensive healthcare program designed to help you break your own personal records which, in addition to detailing how best to make the most of your body, can improve the way you care for your long-term health. Our program can help you achieve these goals with what we call your personal “Health Companion,” who supports four key aspects to help you maintain great health. Your progress is monitored throughout the program to ensure you gain confidence in your abilities. It can also be regarded as a personalized program specially designed to suit your unique needs, allowing you to choose your own route toward achieving your set goals.

Which groups are suited to this program?

  1. People who place the utmost importance on their health.

  2. People who are interested in holistic health care.

  3. People who want to take care of their health with expert supervision.

  4. People who are interested in a personalized healthcare program.

  5. People undergoing an annual health check-up who are looking for ongoing consultations and health care.

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