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"It’s the Rainy Season, Get Your Flu Shots"

Thailand is entering the rainy season with the surge in influenza cases.

The infection is characterized by the sudden onset of fever, headache and muscle pain, often associated with a coughing.

Most patients recover without requiring special care, but serious forms such as pneumonia or the aggravation of an already existing chronic disease, heart or respiratory failure, etc. are also described, especially in people at risk.

People at risk (under 2 years old, over 65 years old, pregnant women, chronically ill and immunocompromised) and those suffering from underlying diseases, should request a booster injection in one of our medical services as soon as possible.

Vaccinated people are 40 to 60% less likely to develop a severe form of influenza than unvaccinated people.

At BNH we have the High Dose Influenza Vaccine which is indicated for use in persons 65 years old and older.

The higher dose of antigen and additional ingredients in the vaccine to boost their effectiveness are intended to give older adults a better immune response to vaccination and, therefore, provide better protection than the standard flu shot, according to recent CDC guidelines.

An efficacy study indicated that the high-dose vaccine was SAFE AND EFFECTIVE for the elderly.

  • 24% more effective in preventing influenza in the elderly compared to a standard dose vaccine.

  • >10 years of use experience

Ø Prevents approximately 2,000 annual flu deaths

Ø Prevents flu-related hospitalizations

Ø Reduced pneumonia hospitalizations by 27.3%

Ø Reduced cardiorespiratory hospitalizations by 17.9%

Ø Reduced flu-related hospitalizations by 11.7%

Ø Reduced all-cause hospitalizations by 8.4%

For more information on the high-dose flu vaccine, please click:

At BNH Hospital, the vaccination service is available for everyone!

  • For children: Paediatric Department, 2nd floor, Zone B

  • For adults: Medicine Department, 4th floor, Zone B

Get Your Flu Shots Now!

For any inquiries or appointment, please call 02-020-0700 or Line ID: @BNHHospital

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