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Long Covid-19: Long-term Effects of Coronavirus

Long Covid-19 includes new or recurrent or lasting symptoms after infecting with COVID-19. The condition is usually found after patient get infected 1 – 3 months, starting from the detection of infection. Symptoms can occur or last from 4 to 12 weeks.

The reported rate of Long Covid-19 cases, within 90-day after infecting, ranges from 32% to 96%. According to the latest data of 10000 patients, after 60-day of infection, 73% have symptoms. The disease is mostly found in patient with lung infection, severe pneumonia, people with underlying diseases, the elderly, or people with obesity. Moreover, women are at higher risk of long Covid-19 than men.

The symptoms of Long Covid-19 might vary from person to person in different ways, causing a wide variety of symptoms that affect different parts of the body. As a consequence, some patients, who have recovered, are unable to return to their normal lives.

Therefore, if you have a congenital disease or underlying disease, Long Covid-19 can affect the whole body and make the existing disease get worse. Or else, if you have no pre-existing disease, you can be at risk of developing various diseases.

Treatment guidelines for Long Covid-19

  1. Observe yourself if you have any abnormal symptoms. Seek medical help if your condition gets worse

  2. People, who have Covid-19 or Long Covid-19, are not recommended to excessive exercise because the body might get exhausted and this can affect the recovery

  3. Follow the guidelines recommended by the Ministry of Public Health to slow the spread of COVID-19

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