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"Two Thai Students Earn Perfect AP Scores"

Three talented young alumni who graduated as part of the Class of 2021 received exceptional news in late October stemming from the Advanced Placement exams they completed in May. All three – Rin Audsabumrungrat, Mido Luo and Fa Phanachet – received a perfect score (earning every single available point) on one of their AP exams each.

Rin got a perfect score on her 3D Art and Design final, while both Mido and Fa earned every point possible on their AP Research paper and presentation.

A perfect score on an AP final is rare, let alone three students from one school earning perfect scores. To put it into context, only 46 students worldwide earned a perfect score on the 3D Art and Design final, out of 4,607 submitted. And only 375 AP Research students earned a perfect score, out of 24,024 finals.

“We are very proud of all three students who were recognized for having achieved this result. Their commitment and focus in these courses was really impressive, particularly in these areas that they were particularly passionate about,” says Denise Lamarche, Director of Academics. “It certainly did not come without struggle and required resilience and the support and inspiration from their teachers. … Both of these courses are process-oriented courses, which requires public demonstration of learning in the final steps. The steps that each of these students took through the entire school year to get to this end result is a wonderful demonstration of academic and personal success.”

This great news comes in the same year that our students recorded the best-ever AP exam scores for our school.

To learn more about these 3 amazing students please visit the SMUSpaper or click the buttton below:


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