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UWATERLOO Math Workshops: Webinar Series

Connect with us

At Waterloo, you’ll study and work with people who are just as enthusiastic about math, statistics, and computer science as you are!

With more than 8,000 undergraduate and graduate students, 250 full-time professors, and 500+ courses in mathematics, statistics, and computer science, you’ll find your own unique path here. If you think you love math now, just wait until you join our community!

Attend our webinars

Do you like mathematics and want to challenge your problem solving skills? Do you want to know what applications of math and computer science can effect the real world? Do you want to know which careers require math and/or computer science degrees? Join us for a series of webinars, led by professors and lecturers in the Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing (CEMC).

You'll also learn about our math programs, co-op, and admissions. Our recruiters will help to answer all of your questions.

Register to participate

We'll be hosting a series of webinars between September and November 2021. Register to attend.

We'll send you the details on how to participate in each of the relevant sessions that you'd like to join 24 hours before each session. You only need to register once, regardless of whether you plan to attend one or all sessions.

Our webinars are for future students, parents/guardians, teachers and guidance counsellors.


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